Grading every pick the LA Chargers made in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Deane Leonard, 236th overall: C

We predicted that the LA Chargers would take three defensive backs in the 2022 NFL Draft and this pick made that prediction correct. Deane Leonard is another developmental corner that Brandon Staley can get his hands on and try to turn into a quality pro.

Leonard is not going to have a role in the defense in year one but he does check some of the same boxes as the other two defensive backs the Chargers took. He is very athletic cornerback who ran a sub-4.40 40-yard dash. It is clear that the Chargers want to built an athletic secondary.

Again, if the Chargers rank these corners highly then you cannot blame them for taking them. However, personally, I probably would have preferred Bo Melton with the 215th pick and Ja'Sir Taylor with this pick, but it is what it is.

Zander Horvath, 260th overall: D+

This pick does not really make a lot of sense. The team has a fullback on the roster in Gabe Nabers. Are they taking Horvath to replace Nabers? To compete with him? Do they plan on using him as the H back to fill the hole of Stephen Anderson leaving?

I don't want to call it a bad pick as at this point in time, I do not really understand it. That being said, the Chargers 100% could have signed Horvath as an undrafted free agent. If you are going to make a pick like this, might as well have tried to package this pick to move up earlier in the draft in any capacity.

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