Grading every pick the LA Chargers made in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Isaiah Spiller, 123rd overall: D+

This is the controversial take. A lot of Charger fans liked the Isaiah Spiller selection in the fourth round and I cannot blame them. Spiller had great numbers as Texas A&M and he is certainly a good running back. This grade is not indicative of how talented Spiller is. It is indicative of the roster-building process of taking him here in the fourth round, especially considering the type of running back he is.

The Chargers needed athleticism in the running back room and while he definitely showed better footwork and the ability to cut than Larry Rountree and Joshua Kelley, from an athletic standpoint, Spiller is very similar to those two.

Even if he is more talented than those two it is still redundant from a talent standpoint and is not something that this running back room needed. There were also other needs the Bolts could have addressed and they could have waited at running back.

Personally, I was all-in on Ty Chandler as the late-round choice and the UNC running back wound up going in the fifth round. Would it have been better for the Chargers to draft someone like Calvin Austin in round four and Chandler in round five? Perhaps.

There are two combining factors that make this a bad pick in my opinion: the Chargers took a running back earlier than they should have and they took a running back who does not add a new dynamic to the team. Hopefully, Spiller proves us wrong.