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Ranking the Chargers top-5 options with the 17th pick, according to fans

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1. Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia

Average ranking: 3.6

I'll be honest, I was a bit surprised to see Jordan Davis top this list and top it is definitive fashion. Davis was selected as someone's first option 39.7% of the time, with the next best actually being Charles Cross at 17.6%. Charger fans really want to see the monster of a man join wear the powder blue.

On paper, it makes too much sense for the LA Chargers to draft Jordan Davis with the 17th overall pick. He was the most dominant defensive player in college football last season and is one of the best run defenders we have seen in recent memory.

He would instantly come into LA and reset the line of scrimmage for the next decade. If there is one player that can help the team's biggest hole the most, it is Davis. Add in the fact that he had an incredible NFL Combine and showed off unthinkable athleticism and it is hard to not want Davis.

The main argument against taking Davis is the positional value of defensive tackle and the players the Chargers can get later in the draft. Travis Jones is another exceptional defensive tackle prospect and there is a chance the Bolts could draft a corner, edge rusher, or whatever else the team needs in the first round and then get a still impactful defensive tackle in the second round.

Meanwhile, it is a bit harder to find the elite prospects at those listed positions later in the draft. That is the case against taking Davis, but it might not be a strong enough one for those who are set in drafting him.

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While I personally would not have ranked him first, I absolutely would not be complaining if he was wearing the powder blue in six months' time.