Ranking the Chargers top-5 options with the 17th pick, according to fans

Jason Reed
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Chris Olave
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4. Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State

Average ranking: 5.5

This one surprised be a bit as Chris Olave was the highest-ranking wide receiver on this list despite being lower than most of his receiving peers on most big boards. Olave had a good showing at the NFL Combine with his 4.39 40-yard-dash time being the main sticking point.

A first-round receiver only makes sense for the Bolts if the team is not able to bring back Mike Williams this offseason. While some fans seem to want both Williams and a first-round receiver, it would not make sense from a roster-building standpoint to commit so many assets to the position.

If Williams does walk then receiver might be the most likely position for the Chargers to target. Joshua Palmer has not shown enough for us to be 100% confident in him jumping to being the WR2 and there are elite prospects in the first round that could come in and be the WR2.

Olave is the favorite according to the fans. The Ohio State receiver can play both outside and in the slot and seemingly has all of the traits that a team would want in a great receiver. He has the size (six-one), is an excellent route running and has the athleticism to match.