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Ranking the Chargers top-5 options with the 17th pick, according to fans

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The LA Chargers have 11 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and will be making the 17th overall selection in the first round. Tom Telesco has done a pretty good job at drafting talent in the first round, it is the later rounds that Charger fans are hoping Telesco can figure out this year.

As far as the 17th overall pick goes, the Bolts have plenty of options to consider. Not only are there various talented prospects that could be available for the team at 17, but the holes on the roster will widely depend on what the team spends on in free agency.

The Chargers could draft a cornerback, right tackle, edge rusher, wide receiver, or right tackle in the first round. Of course, there is always room for surprise, but those five positions seem to be the most likely and have the best available prospects for LA.

So who do the fans want the LA Chargers to draft with the 17th overall pick?

Instead of bringing you the typical ranking for who the Chargers could draft at 17 (we have already done something similar), we decided to take to Twitter to see who the fans wanted the team to take with the 17th overall pick.

We posted a survey on Twitter that asked fans to rank the 10 most-likely prospects from most wanted (1) to least wanted (10). We tallied up the scores and each prospect had a consensus ranking to come up with a bonafide ranking.

Those missing the cut, in order from 10th to sixth, were Trevor Penning, Garrett Wilson, Treylon Burks, Jameson Williams and Jermaine Johnson. Let's dive into the top five.