Chargers' 5 biggest NFL Draft needs heading into 2023 offseason

Jason Reed
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2. Edge rusher

The Chargers have one of the best edge-rushing duos in the league (on paper) in Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa. Chargers fans did not get to see much of this duo actually in action as Joey Bosa missed almost the entirety of the 2023 season.

Having these two players may not make edge rusher seem like a need but it is going to be for the Bolts. With Kyle Van Noy potentially leaving and Chris Rumph not developing as quickly as expected, the Chargers could use another young rotational option in the early rounds that bolster the depth of the front seven.

It also gets Mack's potential replacement in the building a year early, which could be important for his development while also allowing the team to determine whether or not they are suited to replace Mack full-time.

Mack is almost guaranteed to get cut before the 2024 season as he will have a $27.75 million cap hit. If the team cuts him they will free up $23.25 million in cap space. At 33 years old, that seems like a no-brainer.

But he will still be around this year and drafting an edge rusher could even allow the team to get creative with both Mack and Bosa. The flexibility to run certain stunts and even line Mack or Bosa on the inside on passing down is much greater with an early-round rookie edge rusher in the building.