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Late-round running backs who the LA Chargers could target

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CJ Verdell, Jordan Fox
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2. CJ Verdell

Perhaps the LA Chargers waive the white flag on scouting running backs and instead turn to their star quarterback and see if he has any say in the matter. If so, one of the first names that Justin Herbert would likely say is CJ Verdell, who played with Herbert in Oregon.

Verdell is a very interesting draft prospect who could realistically be a home run or yet another strikeout for the Chargers. Verdell put up big numbers in his first two seasons with Oregon but saw his production dip in the final two years. In 2020 there were only five games played and in 2021 he got hurt and only played five games again.

Verdell missed the end of the season with a "lower leg injury" and while that might be concerning, it very well could be the case of Verdell getting banged up and instead wanting to focus on the 2022 NFL Draft instead of reaggravating the injury. It should not be a huge concern for the Bolts.

Trusting Verdell to be the RB2 in his rookie season would be silly by the Chargers but as an RB3, Verdell could be an excellent selection if everything checks out. Verdell should be available much later in the draft, as The Draft Network currently ranks him as the 267th overall prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft.

As mentioned, these late-round running backs can have a lot of variance but it does seem pretty improbable that Verdell would go before the Chargers' second sixth-round pick at 215.