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5 early-round strategies for the Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

By Ben Knudson
NFL Combine - Day 1
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Trent McDuffie, Emmanuel Stevenson
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Chargers draft strategy #2: Draft the best available player at 17

After solid pro-day showings from Malik Willis, Kenny Picket, and Sam Howell, it looks like there might be at least 2 quarterbacks who could be drafted in the top 15. The Carolina Panthers still aren't set on Sam Darnold as their franchise quarterback, nor should they be, and the Atlanta Falcons just traded away their franchise quarterback and picked up a bandaid quarterback in Marcus Mariota.

If two quarterbacks are off the board, and Charles Cross is picked up before pick 17, the Chargers should look away from drafting a first-round tackle. This potential scenario would push players like Trent McDuffie and Derrick Stingley Jr. to be the best available players around picks 15-18.

Telesco should draft McDuffie if the top three tackles are gone and he's still available at 17. McDuffie and Asante Samuel Jr. are both similar in stature and are aggressive in stopping the run. Having two ultra-aggressive playmaking corners could give the Chargers the most dynamic secondary in the NFL.

Drafting McDuffie could push current starter Michael Davis out of his role, but JC Jackson and Trent McDuffie on the outside doesn't sound too bad to me. If his size doesn't bode well with Staley's scheme as a boundary corner, they can always mix and match the DBs dependent on matchups.