4 way-too-early potential first-round needs in 2023 for the LA Chargers

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1. Offensive tackle

It is unclear exactly what the LA Chargers are going to do at the right tackle position in the 2022 season but one thing is for certain: the team has options. When Johnson was taken 17th overall it was theorized that the Bolts would play him at left guard, kick Matt Feiler out to right tackle and sign Oday Aboushi to play right guard.

However, Tom Telesco shut that theory down in the initial press conference after the first round when he said he views Johnson as a right guard and Feiler as a left guard.

Later in the draft, the Chargers landed their best value pick of the entire class in Jamaree Salyer. While Salyer is far from perfect and is much better against the pass than the run, he too could play left guard and kick Feiler out to right tackle. Salyer has experience at tackle as well, although that seems like the least likely scenario for 2022.

The other option would be either Trey Pipkins or Storm Norton emerging as the starter after a good camp. Fans do not want to see Norton at right tackle again and while Pipkins has been equally as disappointing, he was pretty good in the one game at right tackle he started last season. Perhaps the coaching staff is high on him.

Unless Pipkins turns into a bonafide starting right tackle that the team can re-sign, they are going to be targeting offensive line yet again early in the 2023 NFL Draft. We can talk about the defense and Staley's impact on that side of the ball all we want but the team will never stop prioritizing protecting Justin Herbert.

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And that is exactly the way it should be when you have one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL.