4 way-too-early potential first-round needs in 2023 for the LA Chargers

Jason Reed
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2. Cornerback

We know that Brandon Staley loves defensive backs and we cannot rule out the Chargers taking a cornerback in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. In fact, I firmly believed that the Bolts would target a cornerback in round one of the 2022 NFL Draft. However, the Chargers killed that prediction when they took Johnson over Trent McDuffie (they couldn't go wrong either way).

This is an interesting year for the cornerbacks on the roster as there is a chance that they could completely remove the need for a first round corner altogether. If Asante Samuel Jr. takes a leap in year two and Michael Davis plays better then all the Chargers will be looking for next offseason is depth corners.

However, there is also the reality in which Davis continues playing as he has played and doesn't really fit Brandon Staley's scheme. If that is coupled with Samuel not taking the leap in year two then getting another starting corner opposite of J.C. Jackson becomes a huge priority.

That is where the draft comes in. The Chargers will not have the money to spend big on a true no. 2 corner in free agency next offseason. That being said, if Davis is really bad in 2022 then the Chargers can release him next offseason to save $7.4 million against the cap.