4 dream mid-round prospects for the Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
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Abraham Lucas
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Chargers' dream mid-round tackle: Abraham Lucas

Abraham Lucas is a prospect that the LA Chargers would have to draft in the third round. It would be very shocking if he fell to the fourth round and even then, the chances of him falling to the Chargers' pick in the fourth round is slim to none. I would not even be shocked if a team really fell in love with his pass-blocking ability and took him in the late second.

It still seems more likely that Lucas will get taken in the Chargers' range at 79 and he could be the team's ideal target in the third round if they do not draft a tackle in the first round. In my opinion, Lucas is the line for the Chargers when it comes to starting tackles. Anyone worse than Lucas is probably not someone who should start in year one, barring a diamond in the rough.

The Chargers have the means to help Lucas succeed at the NFL level. He has a lot of upside as a pass-blocker and even in year one is likely going to be much better against pass-rushers than Storm Norton was in 2021.

However, he does struggle more in the run and will still need some help on the edge against the really good edge rushers in the league. Luckily, the Chargers have a fantastic young blocking tight end in Tre' McKitty that the team could put on the right side to help Lucas.

With the blocking schemes and offensive styles, Lucas feels like a perfect fit for the Chargers in round three, assuming the team does not trade up for Charles Cross, draft Trevor Penning, or draft a guard with the intent of kicking Matt Feiler to right tackle.