4 dream mid-round prospects for the Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
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Phidarian Mathis
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Chargers' dream mid-round defensive lineman: Phidarian Mathis

If you are a returner reader of Bolt Beat (thank you!) then you know that I am personally in love with the idea of the Chargers drafting Phidarian Mathis in the 2022 NFL Draft. Some mock draft machines have Mathis falling into the fourth round but I would be shocked if he fell to the Chargers' pick in the fourth. If the Bolts wanted him, they would probably have to take him in the third.

I would much rather the Chargers draft Mathis than Jordan Davis and it is not even close. Yes, Davis has the higher ceiling and his ability against the run is jaw-dropping. He could be the best run-stuffing defensive tackle in the league in the not-so-distant future.

However, it is all about value. Davis did not show enough against the pass in college and he is a bit redundant with the moves the Chargers have made on the defensive line. Instead, the Chargers would be better off taking someone who can be a 3-4 DE, which is why I like his teammate, Devonte Wyatt, more in the first round.

I would still rather see the Chargers take Mathis though because of positional value. In theory, the Bolts could land an impact cornerback or offensive lineman in the first round and then save the defensive line selection for the mid-rounds.

Mathis is someone who has value on every single down. He does not need to be elite against the run like Davis with the additions the team made and in passing downs he provides value to give either Sebastian Joseph-Day or Austin Johnson some reps off.