Chargers' best-case selection for each potential first-round need

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The Chargers' best-possible first-round tackle is Anton Harrison

Drafting an offensive lineman in the first round for a third consecutive year may not be the most popular route for the Chargers to go but it certainly is a possibility. Trey Pipkins is a free agent after a breakout season and because of the team's financial situation, he may get priced out of LA.

If Pipkins ends up signing with another team in free agency then the conversation absolutely has to start about the Chargers taking a first-round offensive tackle. If Pipkins re-signs then the Chargers will have their starting five, only needing depth in the later rounds.

There is a different route the Chargers could take if Pipkins does leave. If the Bolts want to target one of the other prospects on this list then they could move Jamaree Salyer to right tackle and draft a guard later in the draft. There are options.

As far as the 21st pick goes, there are two potential tackles that could be available: Anton Harrison and Broderick Jones. Harrison has been mocked a bit higher than Jones thus far in the draft process and for good reason. He is a better prospect.

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Harrison has the exact size and athleticism that an NFL team wants out of a starting-caliber tackle. There are some green areas of his game, which is common for a rookie tackle, but he would have plenty of help if he is on the right side next to Zion Johnson.