3 free agents the Chargers could be waiting to sign until after the 2022 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
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3. Kyle Fuller (or any cheap, depth cornerback)

As it currently stands, the LA Chargers have three cornerbacks on the roster that are starting-caliber and even that is far from being a guaranteed success. While there is no doubting J.C. Jackson, Asante Samuel Jr. is coming off a season with multiple concussions and is far from being a surefire thing. Meanwhile, the team may no longer be very high on Michael Davis.

Behind those three the depth is still really suspect in LA with Tevaughn Campbell being the no. 1 depth option. With how Brandon Staley wants to play defense, it is key that the Chargers add depth to the secondary and they are going to do so in the NFL Draft.

Cornerback seems like the most likely first-round pick as it stands today and chances are the team will add another depth corner later in the draft. That being said, it still would not hurt to add another depth option, especially if they can get a cheap veteran with potential upside.

Kyle Fuller would be a good name to target in that regard. Fuller has a lot of potential and has shown the ability to play at a high level with the Chicago Bears. He might be coming off of a bad season with the Denver Broncos, but his ties to Brandon Staley may create faith in the coaching staff.

Signing Fuller to be the CB3 next season would have been an issue. However, signing him to essentially be a rotational corner in key passing situations has a lot of upside. It also provides a buffer if someone like Samuel disappoints.