3 free agents the Chargers could be waiting to sign until after the 2022 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
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It is officially draft week and the excitement over who the LA Chargers are going to take with the 17th overall pick is extremely high. The Bolts have had a fantastic offseason thus far and finishing it off with a great showing in the 2022 NFL Draft could be the final cherry on top to a Super Bowl run next season.

The 2022 NFL Draft might not be the last additions that the team makes before the 2022 season begins, though. There are still some areas on the roster that could use some depth and the Bolts still have some space to sign free agents to cheap deals.

There are also some decent free-agent options that are still available on the market. These free agents likely are not getting any new offers this week as teams focus on plugging holes in the draft and then addressing the areas they do not plug with said free-agent options.

There are 3 free agents who the LA Chargers might be waiting to sign until after the 2022 NFL Draft.

There is no guarantee that the Chargers sign any of these free agents as they could fill the need completely in the draft. However, there are some guys who are likely on the team's radar that Tom Telesco will call after the draft concludes this weekend.