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3 Chargers who desperately need to step up to beat the Falcons in Week 9

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3. Joe Lombardi

Obviously not a player, but Joe Lombardi simply has to be better with his offensive game plan this week against the Falcons. Chargers fans love to blame everything on Lombardi for the offense struggling when in fact, there are multiple variables that are making the Chargers offense disappointing.

The injuries at receiver have obviously made life worse as the team simply does not have the personnel to stretch the field like the fans want. Not to mention Justin Herbert very obviously has not been the same guy since hurting his ribs. That absolutely is a factor.

That being said, the play-calling the last few weeks has still been pretty bad and this presents a get-right game for Lombardi and the Chargers offense. The Bolts are coming up against a defense that ranks 31st in DVOA and 30th in passing defense DVOA. Not to mention they are without their best corner.

Yes, the Chargers are depleted, but this is the easiest matchup that they are going to face all season. If Joe Lombardi cannot come up with a game plan that can effectively take advantage of this then that should be deemed a massive loss for the team.

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If the offense sputters again, this could be the start of actual pressure on Lombardi's job. It is going to be really hard to defend the play-calling if the Chargers stink against one of the worst defenses in the sport, and with tough matchups the next two weeks, it would not be surprising to see Lombardi gone by Thanksgiving if the Chargers' offense doesn't come alive this Sunday.