5 Chargers in contract years who undoubtedly earned new deals

Jason Reed
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5. Bryce Callahan

Bryce Callahan is another example of a home-run free agent signing by the LA Chargers after the 2023 NFL Draft. After not taking a corner until the fifth round, the Chargers signed Callahan after he was coming off of a down year with the Denver Broncos.

Injuries hurt Callahan's 2021 season but even before he was a Charger he still played at a high level when he was healthy. The Chargers took a chance on that and Callahan has mostly had a clean bill of health this season and has played well as a result.

He might not be a big-name CB1 and is not going to get the love that other cornerbacks get but he has been really solid for the Bolts in the slot all season long. His play since the bye week has been a big part of why the Chargers have turned it around defensively.

Because of his familiarity with the scheme, his veteran leadership and his strong play this season, he is an easy candidate for the Chargers to re-sign this offseason. However, he also ranks fifth because the Bolts need to be careful.

If Callahan comes at a similar cost as he did this season then the Chargers should not hesitate to bring him back. However, if his strong play has significantly increased his value then the Bolts probably should do the hard thing and let him walk.

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We have seen time and time again that cornerbacks over 30 can regress in the snap of their fingers. For that reason, the Bolts cannot get out of hand in giving Callahan a new deal.