5 Chargers in contract years who undoubtedly earned new deals

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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4. Trey Pipkins

Trey Pipkins easily should win the award for the most improved Charger this season. Early last spring, we broke down five potential players who could be starting at right tackle for the Bolts in Week 1 of 2022. Pipkins was on that list and almost all of the fanbase was against that idea as Pipkins had not shown much in his career.

Pipkins was taken as a developmental tackle in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft and played poorly in the chances he was given (for the most part). However, there was a really good game against Denver last season that planted the seeds for Pipkins to be a strong candidate this year.

And that is exactly what he has become this season. He has not been an elite right tackle and I am not sure I would even say that he has been a great one, either. Pipkins has been a serviceable, solid right tackle that has done his job in pass-blocking while also being a great run-blocker on the edge.

There is no doubt that Pipkins did enough to earn a new contract with the Chargers this offseason. That being said, I would not be totally surprised if the Chargers do not re-sign him this spring. If Pipkins' price is too high, LA simply might have to pass as they do not have that much financial flexibility.

It would be great to see Pipkins return to the team but if given the option of re-signing him for $8-10 million a year or drafting another first-round offensive lineman, the Bolts may do the latter.