5 Chargers in contract years who undoubtedly earned new deals

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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3. Morgan Fox

The LA Chargers signed Morgan Fox to a one-year deal after the 2022 NFL Draft and not a lot was known about the interior pass rusher. Fox was coming over from the LA Rams (where he played for Staley) and seemed to be nothing more than a depth piece for the Bolts to throw out there in passing downs.

If anything, it seemed like Fox was mostly Jerry Tillery insurance at the time. Fox had a similar profile in which he could rush the passer but was not great against the run inside. If Tillery continued to regress, Fox could slide into a bigger role and replace the production the team thought they might get from their 2019 first-round pick.

That is pretty much exactly what happened. Tillery continued his downward slide to the point where the Chargers just waived him after the bye week. After that happened (and because of injuries), Fox started getting more playing time and making a key difference on this defensive line.

Fox has proven that he is more than just a depth piece on the defensive line. He is a valuable pass rusher that adds a legitimate pass-rush presence to the interior. He might not be an elite pass rusher by any sense of the word but he is someone who can clean up with elite edge rushers flanking him.

Fox has had a career year for the Chargers and as long as another team does not get too splashy in offering him a contract it should be a no-brainer to bring him back. Build around Fox, Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson as the foundation of the interior defensive line next season.