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3 Chiefs the LA Chargers must exploit to win on Thursday Night Football

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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3. The interior defensive line

The Chargers were dealt devastating news on Monday as it was reported that Rashawn Slater was put on the covid-19 list with a positive test. Slater, vaccinated, could theoretically play on Thursday if he produces two negative tests but the chance of that happening so soon is slim to none. The Chiefs were dealt equally devastating news the following day as Chris Jones was put on the covid-19 list.

Both of these players have such massive impacts on their teams and their presences will be missed. A big reason why the Chiefs have been playing better defense (aside from playing easier offenses) is that the team has moved Jones back to the inside with the addition of Melvin Ingram.

Not having Jones to bull-rush the middle is a huge blow to the Chiefs and the Chargers should take advantage. In fact, because Slater is not playing, the Chargers should really take advantage of the trenches in this game.

It is not a popular sentiment among Charger fans but the Bolts should try and run the ball more in this game. The Chiefs really struggle to stop the run without Jones in the middle and the strongest part of the offensive line for the Bolts is the interior. Take advantage of Matt Feiler and Corey Linsley and run behind them in this game.

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Justin Herbert could also take advantage of this as well. I could see this being really similar to the Pittsburgh game where Herbert steps up in the pocket and takes the ball himself. The Chargers will be pushing the secondary down the field and with subpar linebackers, Herbert can take advantage of the middle of the field in this game.