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3 massive needs the Chargers need to address during the bye week

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. An identity

Let me ask one simple question to anyone reading this article and see if you have an answer. What is the identity of this football team? If you have a serious answer (that isn't them being "chokers") please let me know in the comments below.

Because as far as I am concerned, this team does not have an identity and even they know that. This is the biggest indictment of the coaching staff. They have somehow failed to establish an identity despite having all of the talent on the roster.

Really good football teams have their own brand of football. The Buffalo Bills have their style, the Kansas City Chiefs have theirs. Heck, even a team like the Philadelphia Eagles, which also has a second-year head coach, has established its identity.

The Chargers have no identity. Some weeks they have a defense that actually plays quite decent and helps the team win games. Other weeks they are a run-heavy team that relies on Austin Ekeler to fuel the offense. Other weeks they are throwing the ball 50+ times but only for five yards a pop.

To be fair, it is hard to establish an identity when you are dealing with so many injuries, especially to some of your biggest locker room leaders. It is even harder when your quarterback is not the most outspoken guy and is seemingly not the same after suffering a rib injury that may have impacted his confidence.

This team has no swagger. It has no identity. That is why every game comes down to the final seconds, of course, unless the Chargers are the ones losing. That is why they do not have a definitive win yet this season. That is why every single thing they do looks so hard.

Winning in the NFL is very hard. I get that. But this team is way too talented to be scrambling to victories and to be getting severely outcoached in losses. This is a team that lacks identity, lacks a centralized goal and seemingly lacks the vision of the coaching staff.

It does not matter how much talent you have. You will never make the playoffs and be a winning football team if that is the case.