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3 massive needs the Chargers need to address during the bye week

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. Defensive depth

J.C. Jackson went down with a scary non-contact injury against the Seahawks. Reports later came in that Jackson dislocated his knee cap but the extent of the extra damage done has not been released. It could be a season-ender for the star cornerback signing.

Michael Davis came in and was put into an unfavorable matchup against Tyler Lockett. While Davis has his moments where he plays well, the Chargers need more help in the secondary in order to replace Jackson long-term. It has not been good this season and they simply cannot keep the status quo in hopes of it getting better.

Whether that be trading a seventh-round pick for a quality veteran or elevating a promising player from another team's practice squad, the Chargers need some kind of help in the secondary that is actually worth playing.

The Bolts also could use a pass-rusher on the defensive line, whether it be on the interior or on the edge. This defensive philosophy is predicated on the ability to get pressure on the quarterback with only four rushers and the team simply has not been able to do that without Joey Bosa.

Bosa will eventually return to the fold, but adding a quality rusher via trade could make a huge difference. The Bolts got a jolt from two special teams additions in Dustin Hopkins and Andre Roberts last season. Hopefully, they can do the same on defense this season.