3 burning Chargers questions ahead of TNF showdown vs. Chiefs

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3. What will Joe Lombardi's offensive game plan be without Keenan Allen?

Keenan Allen has not officially been declared out with his hamstring injury at the time of writing this but it is pretty obvious that the veteran receiver is not going to play. On the other side, the Kansas City Chiefs are without Trent McDuffie, which levels the playing field in that regard.

The most interesting dynamic stemming from Allen's injury is how it will impact Joe Lombardi's play-calling against the Chiefs. Lombardi got a bit conservative with his play-calling in the second half of Week 1's win, which is something that he himself admitted to after the game.

Having a lead was one component of that play-calling shift but Allen being out also likely played a role as well. Allen has long been the Chargers' go-to receiver, especially in third downs, and taking a sudden hit to the potential game plan may have impacted the operation as a whole.

Now Lombardi and the offense have time to prepare for a game without Keenan Allen and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with. The Chargers obviously won't start the game as conservative as they were in the second half of Sunday's game but what if the team has a 10-point lead in the third quarter?

You have to really stick it to the Chiefs to make sure that you defeat them and the Chargers cannot afford to be overly cautious. That being said, not having your WR1 and most consistent third-down weapon does make it harder.

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Mike Williams and Josh Palmer didn't do much in Week 1 against the Raiders and with Williams' history against the Chiefs, it feels like that will change because of Lombardi's game plan. Or so we hope.