3 burning Chargers questions ahead of TNF showdown vs. Chiefs

Jason Reed
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2. How will the new-look defensive line hold up against a good offensive line?

The Chargers' new-look defensive line was everything that was advertised during the offseason in Week 1. Not only was the team able to get pressure on Derek Carr despite hardly blitzing, but the run defense was able to keep Josh Jacobs at bay outside of one drive where he had some success.

This was an extremely promising change after last season when teams could do whatever they wanted in the run game. Not only that, but teams were able to double and sometimes even triple-team Joey Bosa. That is not possible with this new unit, as evident from Khalil Mack's three sacks in Week 1.

There is a big difference between the Chiefs and Raiders, though. While the talent at running back is around the same, the Chiefs have one of the best offensive lines in the sport while the Raiders have one of the worst.

Not only that, but the Chiefs have a quarterback in Mahomes who has much more awareness in the pocket and is able to extend plays when pressure is bearing down. Carr often crumbles under pressure and we saw that time and time again in Week 1.

It will not be a failure if the Chargers' defensive line takes a step back in Week 2. It probably should all things considered. But if the defensive line can still hold its own against the run and get some pressure on Mahomes without blitzing then it will be a huge win and a statement of its legitimacy.