3 burning Chargers questions ahead of TNF showdown vs. Chiefs

Jason Reed
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If the LA Chargers can get through Week 2 with a 2-0 record then the team is going to be in a fantastic situation for the rest of the year. Not only will that be a solid start record-wise, but it will prove that the Chargers are for real as they would have beaten two tough divisional opponents in the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs.

This Week 2 matchup against Kansas City is as big as a Week 2 matchup can be. In one corner there is the dominant Chiefs who have had the AFC West in a strange hold for half a decade. In the other corner, you have the upstart Chargers, who had an aggressive offseason that is already paying off.

This is going to be an exciting slugfest between two of the best teams in the AFC. Ahead of the showdown, we have some burning questions pertained to the Bolts.

3 burning Chargers questions ahead of Thursday Night Football clash vs. Chiefs:

1. How aggressive will Brandon Staley be?

The big storyline coming out of the second Chargers-Chiefs matchup last season was Brandon Staley's aggressiveness on fourth downs that led to the Chargers leaving a lot of points on the board. While there would have been a domino effect that we cannot predict, in theory, the Chargers would have won if they took the points more often.

Those that criticized Staley for his approach completely forgot the fact that earlier in the season the Chargers beat the Chiefs because they were aggressive on fourth downs. His decisions may have lost them the game later in the season, but they won them the game earlier in the year.

It balanced out.

It will be interesting to see how Staley approaches it this year after having last year's experience. One thing is for certain: the Chargers are much more talented defensively this year than last year, and with no Tyreek Hill, that may convince Staley to take points in situations where he would not have last season.