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4 biggest concerns Chargers fans should have through 4 weeks

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
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2. The Chargers' second-half performances

The Chargers have really been the tale of two halves this season as the Bolts are seemingly one of the best teams in the league in the first half and then completely fall apart in the second half. We have four games worth of sample size and the Bolts were bad in each second half.

It would be one thing if it happened once or twice as that could instead be spun as positive adjustments by those particular opponents. But when it happens every single game it is obviously a trend and is one that fans should be worried about.

Against the Raiders the Chargers' defense was able to terrorize Derek Carr and keep the Raiders from tying the game while the offense fell flat and allowed Vegas to stay in a game that LA should have won five times over. In Kansas City the Bolts allowed the Chiefs to come back and against Jacksonville, a close game turned into a blowout.

Even in the win against the Texans the Chargers looked bad in the second half. It was a blowout all things considered and then typical Chargers event started happening, allowing Houston to crawl all the way back to a three-point deficit.

That directly points to coaching and something has to change in Brandon Staley and his staff whether it be the adjustments they make or their philosophy in the second half.