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3 offseason moves by Chargers' AFC West rivals that made us laugh

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Josh McDaniels
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2. Las Vegas Raiders hiring Josh McDaniels to be the head coach

The Las Vegas Raiders made a splash when they hired Jon Gruden and that obviously did not work out. Gruden did not lead the team to a single playoff berth and they noticeably started playing better once he was deservingly out of the building in 2021.

To follow that up, instead of rewarding Rich Bisaccia for leading the Raiders to the playoffs in improbable fashion, the front office decided that it wanted to make another splash hire at head coach by hiring the offensive coordinator with the biggest name, Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels has benefitted from getting to be the offensive coordinator of Tom Brady and we have already seen what happens when he gets a head coaching job in the AFC West. The former Denver Broncos head coach was fired before his second season finished not just because the Broncos had a 3-9 record, but because the team was caught in a Patriots-like scandal where they were videotaping the San Francisco 49ers' walkthrough prior to a London matchup.

Then we have the entire Colts fiasco where McDaniels was hired only to reject the position to return to Bill Belichick. Nothing about McDaniels indicates that he will be able to run a tight ship in Vegas and that is great for the LA Chargers.