Biggest surprises of the initial Chargers 53-man roster

Jason Reed
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2. Mark Webb not making the roster

This is something that I actually predicted on my 53-man roster prediction over the weekend. While there are quite a few pundits and beat reporters who bested by 50/53, not many of them had Mark Webb missing the roster like I did.

I was obviously in the minority in this regard so it is absolutely fair to call this a surprise. Webb was just drafted in the seventh round last season and there were some promising things coming out of camp around him early on.

Combine that with the struggles that Deane Leonard was having in the preseason game and it seemed clear that if it came down to it, Webb would be getting the roster spot over Leonard with the latter going to the practice squad.

The main reason why Webb missed the roster, I believe, is because of his injury history. Webb was placed on the IR last season and he dealt with some issues that held him out of practice during camp this year. The best ability is availability.

Webb will more than likely clear waivers and will be signed to the practice squad. There, he can nurse any nagging issues and once he is full speed, it would not be shocking to see him replace Leonard (or whoever is struggling defensively) on the roster.

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This was the only thing that Popper got wrong on his 53-man roster prediction, as he predicted Webb to make the roster over Leonard.