Recent draft picks that likely won't make the Chargers 53-man roster

Jason Reed
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4. Alohi Gilman/Mark Webb

I genuinely do believe that one of these two safeties is going to end up getting the boot. On my 53-man roster prediction, I did predict that Alohi Gilman gets the roster spot and instead of Webb, Raheem Layne gets the final safety spot.

However, I would not be shocked if the Chargers went the other way and kept Webb around with Layne only to cut Gilman from the 53-man roster. Either one would be a surprise as most outlets and reporters are predicting one, if not both, of the safeties to make the roster.

That being said, there is a legitimate case to be made for both players getting cut and a case for Layne to make the roster instead of staying on the practice squad. Layne really showed a lot and because of his special teams value, makes sense as a backend roster player.

The case for cutting Gilman is the fact that he is not a Brandon Staley draft pick and doesn't really fit what the team looks for in safeties. Gilman does not have the traits that the rest of the secondary has as he truly is the odd-man out in terms of his style.

The case for Webb is the fact that he has been banged up during camp and availability is the best ability. Joe Reed ended up spending all season in 2021 on the practice squad because he was dealing with an injury when the season started.

Reed's injury was more serious, but there is a world in which Webb gets to the practice squad (he likely is not getting claimed) and never gets that chance to get back on the roster during the 2022 season.