Recent draft picks that likely won't make the Chargers 53-man roster

Jason Reed
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2. Joe Reed

This was a huge preseason for Joe Reed as he was battling for his roster life and he actually showed some signs of promise that might have convinced the Chargers on keeping him around. That being said, there are other players who shined brighter than Reed, which removes his chances of making the roster.

First, there is DeAndre Carter, who the team signed to be a kick and punt returner this season. While Reed was always the no. 2 option behind Carter in that regard, there was still a route for him being a Swiss Army Knife offensive piece for the Bolts.

However, Carter also thrived on the offensive side of the ball in training camp and has proven that he is going to be that outlet for the Chargers to call on instead of Reed.

Then there is Michael Bandy, whose stock has risen the most of any player in camp this year. Bandy has looked fantastic and any hope of Reed making the roster as the WR6 is now out the window. Bandy unfortunately is still fighting an uphill battle since the Chargers are keeping three quarterbacks and might miss the cut as well.

Regardless, there simply is not enough room for Reed and the Chargers will have to hope that no team claims him, allowing him to be a security option on the practice squad. Reed definitely is talented and if anything happens to Carter or another receiver, he is not a bad option to fill in and get some snaps.