Recent draft picks that likely won't make the Chargers 53-man roster

Jason Reed
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The LA Chargers are tasked with narrowing the roster from 80 players all the way down to 53 with only a few spots on the backend of the roster to realistically fill. Heading into camp, at least 43-45 of the roster spots were already locked up with a lot of players fighting for those final handful number of spots.

Some players have emerged and have taken the opportunity by the horns while other players haven't faired so well and might get the boot as a result. Typically, players who are drafted by the Chargers get more leeway with making the roster, but with all of the talent in LA, that is not exactly the case.

No team likes to cut a player that it recently spent a draft pick on but there are some recently-drafted Chargers who likely won't make the 53-man roster ahead of the 2022 season. These players are hoping to stick around on the team's practice squad.

Recently-drafted Chargers who likely won't make the 53-man roster:

1. Deane Leonard

Deane Leonard was taken in the seventh round of the 2022 NFL Draft, so his tenure with the Chargers might be over before it even begins. To be fair. it is extremely unlikely that another team claims Leonard, so he should be safe on the Bolts' practice squad to be elevated in the future.

Leonard was drafted because of his traits in the seventh round and we should not expect a seventh-round pick that is raw to play very well. Despite a solid first week in training camp, Leonard really struggled in the preseason games and it is clear that he is not ready yet for a consistent NFL role.

In previous years, Leonard would have probably made the roster out of sheer necessity. However, with more depth in the secondary, the Chargers can comfortably stash him on the practice squad and call on him if needed.