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3 reasons why the Chargers shouldn't pursue Davante Adams

By Hans Themistode
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Justin Herbert
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Reason number 3: Prepare to give Justin Herbert a record-setting contract

Following a record-breaking rookie season, Herbert picked up exactly where he left off this year. With names such as Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, and Joe Burrow primed and ready to run the league for the next two decades, Herbert has officially placed his name in the mix.

Although Herbert has two years left on his rookie deal, once he completes the third year of said deal, he’ll be eligible for a contract extension. Meaning, the Chargers will have to dish out plenty of their financial resources in order to keep him a happy man.

For as great as Adams has been throughout his career, signing the two-time All-Pro selection could leave them in cap space hell, especially considering that Adams wants to be the highest-paid receiver in the NFL.

The Chargers have enough weapons on offense, the franchise should hold on to as much cap space as they can and prepare themselves for what will be a hefty price tag on Herbert after next season.

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