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5 LA Chargers who won't be back in 2022 unless they improve after bye week

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Bryan Bulaga
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4. Bryan Bulaga

Bryan Bulaga, Iowa, has been nothing but Bryan Bulaga, injured, since joining the LA Chargers. The Bulaga signing was such a promising one in 2020 as it showed that the LA Chargers were committing to making the offensive line better.

The signing has not panned out as the veteran right tackle has not been able to stay on the field and when he has played he has not been that great. Bulaga played just five games last season and has only played in the first half in the 2021 season.

It is hard to fault Tom Telesco, though, as every single Charger fan was asking for the team to sign Bulaga in the moment. While there is risk in signing veteran free agents, there was no real reason to believe that this would be the Bulaga that the team received.

Bulaga signed a three-year deal with the LA Chargers that the team can comfortably get out of after the 2021 season. The Chargers will only owe $3.3 million in dead cap if they part ways with Bulaga after the 2021 season.

Considering his inability to stay healthy and the price that he will cost if the Chargers were to keep him, it would truly take a miracle for Bulaga to end up on the Chargers in 2022.