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5 LA Chargers who won't be back in 2022 unless they improve after bye week

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Justin Jackson
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2. Justin Jackson

There are two problems with Justin Jackson. The first problem is his inability to stay healthy. Jackson's entire career to this point has been defined by his inability to stay healthy and be a consistent RB2 behind Austin Ekeler.

That is not the only problem Jackson. The other problem is his lack of production this season, and quite frankly, his talent level. While there are likely some fans still holding out hope that are reading this, the fact of the matter is that Jackson is nothing special.

Jackson is a league-average back at best. He is someone who the team can pick up on the waiver market or draft late in the NFL Draft. Heck, Larry Rountree and Jackson are probably on the same level and Rountree has not been playing well at all this season.

Jackson had one great game that has defined his career thus far and prolonged it. With Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler out, Jackson turned in a fantastic second half against the Pittsburgh Steelers that led to a comeback Chargers win on primetime in 2018.

If Jackson did not have that game then people would think much differently of him. There would not be this perception of there being a high ceiling and it would be more obvious that this is probably his last year with the Chargers.