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4 hometown draft prospect the LA Chargers could draft

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Sean Rhyan
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3. OT - Sean Rhyan, UCLA

If you're the Chargers, your number one priority is keeping Justin Herbert safe and sound. The offensive line did a good job last season, allowing Herbert to get sacked only 31 times, middle of the NFL pack. While it wasn’t bad, we want to see Herbert on his feet the entire season. They could also use some help when it comes to run blocking.

Throwing the ball up and down the field draws the oohs and ahhhs from the crowd but running the ball keeps defenses off-balance. The Chargers ranked 21st in the league in rushing yards per game. If the franchise wants to keep Herbert as healthy as possible, there just so happens to be a great offensive tackle prospect over in UCLA who could do wonders for them.

Sean Rhyan has great hands, freakish strength, and outstanding balance. He’ll open humongous holes for running back Austin Ekeler and make sure Herbert has plenty of time to launch the ball down the field. The fact that he’s also a UCLA product makes this pick that much easier.