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4 hometown draft prospect the LA Chargers could draft

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Greg Dulcich, Cooper McDonald
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2. TE - Greg Dulcich, UCLA

Jared Cook was solid for the LA Chargers this past season. He wasn’t the Pro Bowler that he once was in New Orleans and with the Raiders but his 564 receiving yards and four touchdowns were more than enough for the Chargers this past season.

Cook will be turning 35 pretty soon and considering the young talent the Chargers have on their roster, they shouldn't attempt to bring him back. They should go younger, much younger. Luckily for the franchise, there’s some fresh, young blood over at UCLA.

Greg Dulcich finished his college career strong, going for 725 receiving yards and five touchdowns. He’s big, physical, and of course, a hometown kid. If anyone from the Chargers franchise is expecting Dulcich to morph into the second coming of Travis Kelce, do yourself a favor and don’t draft him so you won’t have to deal with heartbreak.

Dulcich is a great ancillary piece for a team that’s looking to get over the hump. Also, he won’t be a first-round selection. Meaning, he’ll be cheap and affordable. He’s also clearly talented. He should be on the board in day two and three, so the Chargers can grab him when they have the chance.