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4 hometown draft prospect the LA Chargers could draft

Arizona v USC
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The Los Angeles Chargers were seemingly one bad timeout away from locking down a trip to the playoffs this year. On paper, it would’ve been difficult to envision them making a deep run. But, as we sit back and watch what the Cincinnati Bengals have done this year, who’s to say the Chargers couldn’t have done the same?

LA is loaded on both sides of the ball and Justin Herbert, of course, is just as good as Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and even Patrick Mahomes. Yes, we’re going that far.

Call us crazy if you want, but Herbert threw for the second-most yards in the entire NFL with 5,014. Only the immortal Tom Brady was better. He was also accurate, completing 65.9% of his passes.

Next season, the Chargers should be ready to take the next step but with several picks in this year’s upcoming draft, they have a chance to really solidify themselves for the next several years.

At this point, we aren't interested in simply looking at who are the best available players in this year’s draft. Instead, we want to place a careful eye on LA’s homegrown products that played in either UCLA or USC.

Both squads have a ridiculous amount of talent. With them being homegrown, that only adds further incentive to the franchise to take a chance on them. So, who are the five best homegrown prospects from either USC or UCLA? Let’s dive into it.

Drake London
Arizona v USC / Michael Owens/GettyImages

1. WR - Drake London, USC

After taking one step forward this past season, the Chargers could take several steps back if they lose wide receiver Mike Williams in free agency this offseason. The 27-year-old balled out in LA. He racked up 1,146 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

If the price tag on Williams goes up, the Charges could be forced to let him walk. While fans of the franchise will shed tears of agony as they watch the immensely talented receiver walk out of their lives, they could accept his decision if they get their hands on Drake London out of USC.

Following two so-so seasons where he racked up 1,069 combined receiving yards, London had 1,084 in his junior season alone. At 6’5” and weighing 210 pounds, his physical dimensions are almost the same as Williams who stood at 6’4” and weighed roughly 218 pounds.

Now before fans get too excited, Williams is one of the best receivers in the game today, and losing him will hurt big time. But, with that said, if the Chargers can nab London to replace him or, better yet, add him while keeping Williams in the mix, a trip to the Super Bowl could happen a lot sooner than many realize.