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5 free agent receivers to stay away from

By Hans Themistode
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DeSean Jackson
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Receivers the Chargers should stay away from: 2. DeSean Jackson

At this point, DeSean Jackson simply isn’t worth the aggravation. At his absolute peak, you could always count on Jackson to take the top off an opposing team’s defense.

Nevertheless, the speedy receiver hasn’t recorded a thousand yard season since 2016. He’s also bounced around the league as of late. In what appeared to be a match made in Heaven, Jackson landed with the LA Rams. With head coach Sean McVay calling plays from the sidelines and Matthew Stafford slinging the ball from the pocket, opposing NFL teams began shaking in their boots.

Although it seemed as though he’d thrive, Jackson was seldom used and requested a trade. Shortly after, he was waived from the team entirely and picked up by the Las Vegas Raiders, where, again, his production was far from impressive. The now 35-year-old racked up just 454 yards in 2021 and only two touchdowns.

Truth be told, Herbert could use a player who’s more of a deep threat but with Jackson being closer to 40 than 30, and perpetually injury-prone for most of his career, the Chargers would be making a huge mistake by signing him.