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5 free agent receivers to stay away from

By Hans Themistode
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Will Fuller
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Receivers the Chargers should stay away from: 5. Will Fuller

Will Fuller is the sort of player that will entice the Los Angeles Chargers to take a chance on him. On the surface, his talent is mouthwatering and his skills are undeniable. However, the Chargers shouldn’t fall for the smoke and mirrors.

For most of Fuller’s career, he’s been forced to miss large chunks of the season, leaving his potential untapped. That said, during the 2020 campaign, Fuller was seemingly on his way to being recognized as one of the league’s best receivers. Through 11 games, Fuller caught 53 passes for 879 yards and eight touchdowns. Although he was impressive, Fuller was banned for six games at the end of the year due to a positive PED test.

Last season, his first in Miami, Fuller missed the vast majority of the season thanks to a broken right thumb. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with the immensely talented receiver.

It’s ostensible that just based on talent alone, he’s one of the best in the league. However, Fuller simply isn’t reliable. The Chargers shouldn’t even look his way in free agency.