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5 Chargers who have offered the team almost nothing in 2022

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5. Jason Moore and Keelan Doss

Okay, at the beginning of this article we said that we should not expect the 53rd man on the roster to have a big impact and that is essentially what Jason Moore and Keelan Doss are. Both receivers were signed to the active roster because of all the injuries the Chargers have suffered at receiver this season. They were on the practice squad beforehand.

This is more of an indictment on the roster-building strategies that the Chargers have utilized over the last two years more so than Moore and Doss as players. Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco have not made a lot of sense with the decisions that they make, particularly at receiver.

Having to navigate this many injuries is never easy to do and it is not like the Chargers can replace Allen and Williams with superstars. However, the team didn't go out and add external help because they felt confident in the guys they had to step up in the meantime while those two got healthy.

And that is what has been so frustrating with how they have handled the receivers. Staley will sit at the podium and stress that the team feels confident in what they have and that they don't need more speed, help, etc. Then he will turn around and not even play Jason Moore and Keelan Doss.

Moore has played a grand total of 54 snaps in six games (never more than 25% in a game) while Doss has become a healthy scratch since being put on the active roster. What are we doing here? Why say you are confident in these two and then essentially run out there with only three receivers?

It doesn't make any sense. Luckily, it looks like Allen and Williams are on the cusp of returning.