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5 Chargers who have offered the team almost nothing in 2022

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4. Kenneth Murray

Drafting Kenneth Murray is a decision that still haunts the LA Chargers to this day. The Chargers traded their second and third-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to move back into the first round and take a middle linebacker out of Oklahoma.

At the time, it was exciting that the Chargers would have two first-round talents in the 2020 draft class as Murray was viewed as a first-round talent. In theory, the team had an uber-athletic linebacker that could anchor the middle of the defense for years to come. We all should have quickly realized that linebackers are not very valuable in the NFL and spending both a second and third-round pick for one that had obvious holes at the time was a bad move.

Those obvious holes have not gone away in Murray's professional career as he has not been very productive for the Bolts in any of his three seasons. He shows flashes of his athleticism and will make some eye-popping plays from time to time but the overall impact is a negative one.

Murray is not as good against the run as he probably should be and he is very bad in coverage. With how often the Chargers ask him to play in pass coverage, he should be exponentially better than he actually is.

K9 has struggled in recognizing plays, making the right reads and playing quality coverage. It does not matter how athletic he is, his 1-2 great reps a game simply do not outweigh the several bad reps that he turns in.