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5 Chargers who have offered the team almost nothing in 2022

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2. Sony Michel

The LA Chargers running back room was mentioned plenty of times as a weakness on the roster as the depth behind Austin Ekeler did not seem to be great. To solve that, the Chargers signed Sony Michel after he was cut by the Miami Dolphins to add him to the 53-man roster over Larry Rountree.

At the time it was a solid signing to go out and get a veteran to at least get some insurance in case the young backs did not pan out. Michel was getting a bit overrated by Chargers fans, to be fair, but nobody should have expected him to be this bad.

Michel has been bad both in the running game and in the few times that he has been tasked with being a pass-catcher. Whether it be the multiple drops or the interception off his hands in Week 3 against Jacksonville, it has not been pretty for the former first-round pick.

Joshua Kelley quickly outplayed Michel to be the RB2 but once he went down the team had to rely on Michel more. Thankfully, Isaiah Spiller is finally getting some run from the team because having the veteran Michel out there to not produce is counterintuitive. At least with Spiller, you can develop a young back in the process.

It would not be all that surprising to see Michel completely phased out of the offensive scheme once Kelley returns from the IR. Hopefully, that can give this rushing attack the boost it needs because it has looked very ugly this season.