4 offensive coordinator candidates the Chargers must avoid at all costs

Jason Reed
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4. Greg Roman

A late addition to the mix! Greg Roman did not make the cut on the original version of this article because he was still employed by the Baltimore Ravens. However, it was reported on Thursday that Roman and the Ravens would be going in different directions after the team lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the Wild Card Round.

Baltimore's offense has had its ups and downs but the one thing that has always been great under Roman's watch is the run game (having the best mobile quarterback since Michael Vick certainly helps).

With Brandon Staley emphasizing the importance of marrying the run to the pass, some have connected the dots between Roman and the Chargers, calling the now-former Ravens offensive coordinator a great option for Justin Herbert.

The Chargers have struggled to utilize Justin Herbert's athleticism in the past and he certainly can run the ball but Roman is not a great fit. Los Angeles is likely going to run a West Coast style of offense that at least has similar barebones to what Joe Lombardi implemented (with improvements). Roman would provide a complete left turn.

Granted, much of Roman's offensive game plan was suited around the roster the team had and the fact that they had Lamar Jackson under center. Roman does not have to be married to that exact style of offense with a different quarterback.

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But it still does not seem like a great fit. The Chargers are a team that still wants to pass more than they run and the philosophy may not align with Roman.