3 Chargers who were wildly disappointing in 2022

Jason Reed
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3. JT Woods

Taken one round ahead of Isaiah Spiller was safety JT Woods. The LA Chargers did not have a pick in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft after trading it for Khalil Mack so it was imperative that the team hit a home run on its only other pick in the top 100.

And like Spiller, there was a lot of excitement for Woods on the Chargers. It appeared that the Chargers reached a bit based on pre-draft projections and while he was still green, the potential that came with his athleticism was extremely exciting.

Fans were discussing the possibility of Woods starting at strong safety to allow Derwin James to move around the defense or even playing snaps at corner in certain circumstances. Woods looked like the perfect versatile defensive back for Brandon Staley to mold.

Like Spiller, Woods was obviously not ready for the NFL level. He too was hardly active for the team in 2022 and when he was he played terribly. All of that potential and promise around his name fell to the wayside with Chargers fans quickly turning on the selection.

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There is obviously plenty of time for Woods to turn it around but yet again, the Chargers needed someone who could contribute in the third round. They did not need a project that might take 2-3 years to fully develop.