3 Chargers who were wildly disappointing in 2022

Jason Reed
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2. Isaiah Spiller

The LA Chargers have made it a trend in recent years to draft a mid-round running back after missing the mark on the previous year. They drafted Joshua Kelley in the fourth round in 2020 after not having a single pick on day two only for Kelley to be pretty bad. Thankfully, he really blossomed and came into his own as a reliable RB2 option in 2022, at least somewhat saving that pick.

Then the team went and picked Larry Rountree in the sixth round in the 2021 NFL Draft. Rountree got some chances but was worse than Kelley was. He ended up getting booted off the active roster and became a practice squad player in year two.

Then the team went and drafted Isaiah Spiller in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. It seemed like a reach at the time and we here at Bolt Beat were chastised for writing that as the fanbase was fully buying in on the Texas A&M running back.

And what happened? Spiller was not ready at all. Despite the Chargers being thin at running back and being one of the worst running teams in the league, Spiller did not even get a chance to get on the field as he was presumably not as NFL-ready as the team was hoping he would be.

A fourth-round pick is not expected to have a massive impact in his rookie season but it is far to at least expect him to have some kind of impact. Not being able to be active on gamedays was a huge blow to a team that needed its 2022 draft class to step up.

Speaking of the 2022 draft class not being ready...