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3 backup QBs to sign if Chase Daniel leaves/retires

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Tyrod Taylor
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Best backup QB free agents to possibly replace Chase Daniel: 1. Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor has been masquerading as a starting QB in the league for far too long. While he’s solid, he has no distinguishing qualities about him. Taylor doesn’t have a strong arm, isn’t incredibly accurate, and doesn’t throw a ton of touchdowns. In 2017, he did lead the Buffalo Bills to a postseason berth but they were shown the door quickly.

During that postseason game, Taylor proved exactly why he isn’t a prime-time player. He completed just 45.9% of his passes, didn’t throw a single touchdown, and only threw for 134 yards.

Even with Taylor putting up pedestrian numbers, he’ll have a job in this league for a number of years due to his intangibles and moments of decent play. Not only would he be a great backup in LA, more than capable of stepping in if something happens to Herbert but with over a decade in the league, he would be the perfect mentor to Herbert.

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