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3 backup QBs to sign if Chase Daniel leaves/retires

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Ryan Fitzpatrick
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Best backup QB free agents to possibly replace Chase Daniel: 2. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been incredibly frustrating and amazingly brilliant during his time in the league. On some occasions, he’ll look like the best quarterback in the league. He’ll carefully hold his position in the pocket, survey the field and throw a laser to a wide-open receiver. However, he’ll also look like a disaster, throwing multiple picks and holding onto the ball entirely too long.

After years of trying to figure him out, we finally have a clear understanding of Fitzpatrick. He’s great, but only in short spurts. Too much of anything is bad for your health and too much of Fitzpatrick is bad for any franchise. But as a backup, he’ll only see the field when the Chargers truly need him, a role Fitzpatrick can truly shine in.

Last year, in his first and only season as a member of the Washington Commanders (were still getting used to that), Fitzpatrick played in only one game before being forced to miss the entire season due to an injured hip.

With his 40th birthday just around the corner, Fitzpatrick is on the verge of hanging up his cleats. That said, he still has just enough to be arguably the best backup QB in the league,