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Evaluating the 2022 Chargers RB2 candidates in training camp

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Larry Rountree for Chargers' RB2

Out of these three, Rountree probably has the longest odds of becoming RB2. But there's still some chance of it happening. Brandon Staley reaffirmed that he views RB2 as a wide-open competition with all five guys behind Ekeler.

That being said, it's hard to really see what Rountree can bring to the table offensively that Spiller and Kelley don't provide. Short yardage running is probably Rountree's biggest strength but I'm not sure it's enough to beat out the dimensions that Spiller or Kelley add to the offense as RB2.

Staley and Lombardi both have said that special teams will play a role in determining the RB depth chart behind Ekeler. That's probably where Rountree has his biggest advantage and calling card compared to the rest of the running backs. He worked extensively on special teams with the Chargers in 2021 and at Missouri in his college career.

And special teams is certainly a factor in making the roster. But to become the second running back, Rountree needs a more versatile and dynamic offensive package. He would need to be able to create yardage for himself and he was easily the worst running back at doing that statistically last year on the team. Rountree was 92nd in yards after contact per attempt last season.

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But, you never know. Maybe Rountree can finally put together his special teams package with an effective offensive skillset. It's just hard to see his athletic upside coming close to Spiller or even Kelley.