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Evaluating the 2022 Chargers RB2 candidates in training camp

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Isaiah Spiller for Chargers' RB2

Spiller is very clearly the RB2 of the future and considering his high ceiling at such a young age, it's not a stretch to say that he could very well be RB1 on a Chargers team eventually. Ekeler will eventually hit free agency in 2024 at 29 years old (30 is usually that consensus magic number for running back decline).

The biggest question is just how quickly can Spiller climb the depth chart in such a short period of time. Based off the rotations from Wednesday, Spiller is currently the RB3 while Kelley is the RB2 early on in the process. One thing Staley and Lombardi do love is offensive versatility and Spiller has shown some of that off in the early going:

Spiller's quickest route to winning the RB2 job is showing the team that he can take on the responsibility of Jackson's role in the RB room from last year without the injury bug. If Spiller is routinely involved in the receiving game and shows strides as a blocker, he could take over sooner than even some expect. Staley and Lombardi would also love to put him in motion out of the backfield.

It's a Spiller vs. Kelley battle for who winds up as RB2 from the outset. Ultimately, the two probably split the main duties behind Ekeler until Spiller runs away with the RB2 job later in the year. But to start the year, it's Kelley still with a small edge over Spiller on the depth chart. That won't last long.