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LA Chargers: 4 players with unrealistic expectations in 2021

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There is a lot of excitement in the air surrounding the LA Chargers, who has become a dark horse playoff team yet again. It is not hard to see why as Justin Hebert is coming off of the best rookie season in league history, there is a new coaching staff and the front office has done a great job in surrounding Herbert with pieces.

There certainly are expectations for the Chargers to at least be in the playoff hunt. I personally have them making the playoffs but they should, at the very least, have something to play for in Week 17. If not, the season is a failure.

That does not feel like an unrealistic expectation but there certainly are unrealistic expectations for individual players. This is not to say that these players won’t be great in 2021, but Charger fans are expecting a bit more than they should out of four specific players.

Here are four LA Chargers players that are expected to do far too much in 2021:

1. Rashawn Slater

I love Rashawn Slater, I really do. It was an A+ selection and he is an A+ player with a great future ahead of him. As long as he can stay healthy, Slater should be a fundamental part of the Chargers’ offensive line for the next decade. That is at least the hope.

That being said, we should still expect some hiccups from Slater in year one. He is obviously a big upgrade from Sam Tevi at left tackle but there seems to be this expectation that the Chargers will have this elite lockdown left tackle in 2021.

That probably won’t be the case.

Many projected Slater to move to the inside early in his NFL career but that likely is not happening in LA. He should be giving the starting left tackle job and there will be some obstacles he has to overcome as he faces off against NFL edge rushers.

We have to remember that Slater did not even play football in 2020, so there might be an adjustment time in the league that is more exaggerated. By the end of the year and hopefully the playoffs, the hope is that he can be better than he was to start the season.

Slater is a future Pro Bowler and All-Pro but is not going to realize that potential right away.